A few Merrill Steel Services Facts:

  • Widest Load to Date Shipped: 24'6" Wide
  • Longest Load to Date Shipped: 250' Long (285' Overall)
  • Highest Load to Date Shipped: 17' High (19'6" High Overall)
  • Heaviest Load to Date Shipped: 155 Tons
When Merrill Steel acquired our production facility in Schofield, Wisconsin and started specializing in large shop assemblies, we made the strategic decision to establish a freight company capable of delivering oversized and supersized loads of steel. This move created a resounding competitive advantage for Merrill Steel fueled by reduced shipping rates and flexible load scheduling options that equate to great services, convenience, and cost-effective deliveries for our customers.

Our transit company, Merrill Steel Services, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Merrill Steel, Inc., consisting of more than 20 state-of-the-art trucks designed for transporting oversize/overweight shipments, along with hundreds of trailers ranging from 48-foot flatbeds to heavy haul jeep and booster combinations. We employ 20 highly skilled professional drivers, four licensed mechanics, and experienced office staff who work as a team to provide cost-effective service in a timely manner. Our shipping fleet is a major reason why we are able to be competitive throughout North America, including the contiguous 48 states, Alaska, and Canada.