Loading and Staging:

On the surface it may seem inconsequential. But the loading and staging process, sandwiched between the end of production and shipping, is an important step in the fabrication process that often leads to problems for fabricators and contractors alike. Merrill Steel has developed a system unique to the industry that hinges on safety and provides a solution to site congestion.

First, internally, our innovative loading process has increased efficiency and improved safety for our employees.

Second, contractors are familiar with the age-old problem of storing fabricated steel onsite. With shop, field, and delivery schedules constantly shifting, sites are typically very congested, offering little or no room to store massive fabricated components. Merrill Steel's unique loading process and spacious facilities, encompassing a combined 63 acres, alleviate any jobsite congestion problems. We have the ability to stage finished loads of fabricated steel until jobsites are prepared for shipments. Literally within minutes' notification, we are able to handle and place an entire load onto a trailer for quick delivery to a jobsite.
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