Our fabrication capabilities are best described as "versatile." We are committed to being competitive on as many types of projects as possible. For simplicity's sake, we divide our fabrication capabilities into two distinct categories: Fab 1 and Fab 2.

Fab 1 consists of standard structural steel (beam and column fabrication). Fab 1 work is typically simple fabrication that relies on the latest technology and automation to achieve maximum efficiency.

Fab 2 involves custom/complex fabrication. Fab 2 is where Merrill shines within the steel fabrication industry. Fab 2 is an expansive category, consisting of anything and everything that requires the skill and craftsmanship for which Merrill Steel is renowned. Examples include: large, shop-assembled trusses, over-size plate girders, or modularized plate fabrications. We excel in complex work to our skilled workforce, abundant workspace, unheard of lifting capacity, and the checks and balances we've developed that ensure our customers receive a product that meets the highest standards of quality in the industry.

Speaking of quality, it is a cornerstone of our success. We have developed a system in which quality is built into the entire fabrication process, resulting in each piece being inspected multiple times in production. Merrill currently has eight Certified Welding Inspectors (CWI), two NACE inspectors, one ASNT NDT Level 3, six Level 2 UT/MT Technicians, and three CWB Canadian Welding Supervisors. Given the size, function, and placement of the pieces we manufacture for our clients, it's absolutely crucial that we build them to the highest possible standards of quality each and every time. At Merrill Steel, quality isn't just a slogan or talking point, it's integral to everything we do.
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