Our Mission

To be a leader in the fabricated steel business, providing “best in class” products, services and value to our customers and a rewarding workplace for all of our employees, while continuing to be a successful business enterprise and a true benefit to the communities in which we operate.

Our Vision

We all agree that the following fundamental goals are absolutely critical in order for the Company to accomplish our Mission on an ongoing basis:

  1. Management. Merrill Steel needs to be managed “as a company” in the best sense of that term. This means that all management personnel must have a company-wide perspective, soliciting and accepting input from all interested parties and working cohesively and in good faith in order to obtain the best possible performance and to achieve the Company’s overall goals.
  2. Quality Products and Services. Producing “best in class” products, services and value for our customers will not only maintain and improve ultimate customer satisfaction, but should also enhance the Company’s positive reputation and enable us to generate repeat business with our existing customers, as well as attract new customers. This will involve maintaining state-of-the-art expertise, personnel and facilities, including a competent and motivated workforce and a network of reliable and reputable suppliers, as well as being mindful of costs and benefits from a customer standpoint.
  3. Continuous Quality Improvement (“CQI”). The Company is absolutely committed to providing the resources necessary to achieve its goals, including investment in its workforce, new and improved technology, training, software, shop equipment and other expenditures that are merited based upon foreseeable benefits to capacity, quality, efficiency, safety and other worthwhile objectives.
  4. Collaboration. Achieving these goals will involve ongoing communication and good faith collaboration among everyone at the Company, as well as our customers and suppliers. All lines of communication should be fostered and encouraged. Ultimate decisions should be based on the merits, regardless of authorship, after all parties whose insights might be valuable and others who might be affected have had an opportunity to weigh in. Once made, decisions shall be carried out in good faith by everyone at the Company.
  5. Employee Safety and Well-Being. The Company recognizes that our greatest asset is our loyal, dedicated and superior workforce. We remain committed to maintaining a safe, healthy and comfortable working environment for them. We also recognize that producing the highest quality products often involves a level of dedication not found at other companies, and that should be reflected in our compensation structure that aligns both Company and employee interests, as well as our willingness to be flexible when competing health, family and other personal concerns arise. We strive for Merrill Steel to be “the best place to work in Central Wisconsin, Central Missouri and everywhere else we decide to set up shop.”
  6. Risk Management. We remain dedicated to avoiding all unnecessary risk. This means, for example, eliminating unsafe shop practices and dangerous equipment exposure wherever possible, and minimizing employee risk as best we can where it is unavoidable, given the nature of our business. This also involves avoiding financial risk by financing growth and innovation through the retention of profits, rather than outside financing, to the extent feasible, as well as considering risks in determining the types of jobs we undertake and the types of new business opportunities that we consider.
  7. Family-Owned Company. Merrill is proud to be a family-owned company, and we hope that everyone shares our view that the Company has been and should continue to be a worthwhile enterprise benefiting its customers, its employees, its suppliers, its owners and the community at large. When family members work at the Company, they shall be held to the same high level of standards and compensated in the same manner as other employees. Management positions, especially top management, must be assigned on the basis of merit, rather than family affiliation, something that is critical to the survival of the Company.
  8. Community Contribution. We recognize that the Company is part of a much larger community, and are committed to making a positive contribution to society. In addition to providing a substantial number of good, well-paying jobs both at its headquarters location and elsewhere within the United States, the Company seeks to contribute in numerous other ways, including collaborating with and supporting our local technical and high school scholarship and other programs, supporting United Way and other charitable organizations and otherwise participating in civic activities.

Our Values

Consistent with our Mission and Vision, we have adopted the following core values to establish the framework for our interactions, both internally with employees and externally with customers, suppliers and the community at large:

  1. Integrity. In all matters relating to or reflecting upon the Company, all of our employees and other representatives shall always display the highest levels of character, fairness, ethics, truthfulness and professionalism, and at all times be in compliance with all applicable government regulations and other requirements. We should always be asking ourselves “Are we doing what is right?” If there is ever any doubt regarding the applicable requirements or the appropriate steps, questions should be asked until a final definitive decision is made by a person competent and authorized to make sure that the right thing is being done.
  2. Respect. Everyone acting within or on behalf of Merrill should treat each other and all outsiders with the utmost level of dignity and respect. This should serve to promote stable and ongoing relationships between the Company and its employees, customers and suppliers and other individuals and entities with which it deals, as well as enhancing the working environment for all of us. This is especially important for those of us who supervise others.
  3. Support. We should all support each other and our customers in accomplishing their objectives with respect to the sale, production, distribution, installation and usage of our products and services. We are committed to providing formal training, education and other resources to employees at all levels within the Company, both to advance their own careers and to serve the Vision goals of the Company. This should be supplemented by informal mentoring and other support whenever appropriate on an individual basis.
  4. Accountability. It goes without saying that each of us is responsible for carrying out his or her duties professionally, competently, diligently and in good faith. This is especially important for management personnel, who are charged with and accountable for leading the Company to achieve the Vision goals and fulfill our Mission in a manner that is consistent with these Values and for carrying out decisions made by the Company’s Board of Directors.